HENNING PAULY - "BABYSTEPS based on a true story..." (2006)


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01. Cafe 1
02. I Don't Need You
03. No Tree to Sit Under
04. Listen To Me
05. Cafe 2
06. Not Just A Piece Of Paper
07. Whenever You Dream
08. Cafe 3
09. A Place In Time (MS)
10. What Do You Know
11. Cafe 4
12. The Door
13. I See
14. The Last Song
15. Cafe 5

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NOTES: Babysteps is a rock opera in the style of Trans-Siberian Orchestra or Savatage because of the orchestral elements and the extensive use of piano and metal guitars. Michael makes a guest appearance on track 9 titled "A Place In Time".

Babysteps tells the story of Nick (Jody Ashworth), a professional athlete, who finds himself in a wheelchair having to recover in a rehabilitation center. The struggle with his arrogant doctor (James LaBrie) reaches its climax in a big fight. Matt (Matt Cash), another patient, tries to befriend Nick who doesn’t trust people anymore. Matt introduces his physician to Nick, Dr. Sizzla (Michael Sadler), who gives him valuable advice on how to approach his situation and his doctor. Babysteps is the story of Nick’s journey on the way to recovery and the obstacles he has to overcome.
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