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NOTES: The Chapters Live was 28 years in the making. Flash back to 1978: a young Canadian band releases its debut LP, an attempt at bridging the gap between progressive rock and FM radio.

Two tracks, "Will It Be You?" and "Tired World," are subtitled Chapters 4 and 6 for no apparent reason. Over the next three LPs, Saga will release a total of eight "chapters," seemingly at random, then drop the project, originally sketched for 16 pieces. In the early 2000s, as the group is getting back on track (literally and figuratively), eight new chapters pop up, spread across three albums. On the Marathon tour in 2003, the group performed the complete "Chapters" sequence, in its right order, a moment fans of Saga had been awaiting for a long time. The sci-fi story revolves around Albert Einstein, revived by aliens so that he can help them save humanity from self-destruction.

Eric Fulghum's pencil drawings add extra value to this much-awaited release.




01. Images (Chapter 1)
02. Don't Be Late (Chapter 2)
03. It's Time (Chapter 3)
04. Will It Be You? (Chapter 4)
05. No Regrets (Chapter 5)
06. Tired World (Chapter 6)
07. Too Much To Lose (Chapter 7)
08. No Stranger (Chapter 8)


01. Remember When? (Chapter 9)
02. Not This Way (Chapter 10)
03. Ashes To Ashes (Chapter 11)
04. You Know I Know (Chapter 12)
05. Uncle Albert's Eyes (Chapter 13)
06. Streets of Gold (Chapter 14)
07. We'll Meet Again (Chapter 15)
08. Worlds Apart (Chapter 16)


Michael Sadler - Vocals, Keys, Bass
Jim Crichton - Bass, Keys
Ian Crichton - Guitars
Jim Gilmour - Keyboards, Vocals
Steve Negus - Drums
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