"COBRA" (Syndicated) 1993-1994
Stephen J. Cannell Productions
Supervising Producer and Writer of Cobra Lee Goldberg told us "The short lived 'Cobra' was a terrible, one-hour action drama starring Michael Dudikoff as a secret operative for a crime fighting organization. It was created by Stephen J. Cannell, shot in Vancouver and lasted one season. The best thing about the show, hands-down, was the theme. There were originally lyrics, and Saga recorded them, but the exec producers scrapped that version of the theme at the last minute."

Here's the COBRA theme as seen on TV...

Genre: Action

Plot Outline: When the traditional judicial system fails, there is an alternative: a special government agency that focuses on the victims.

Writing Credits:

Lee Goldberg William Rabkin Steven L. Mitchell
Craig W. Van Sickle  


Michael Dudikoff Scandal Jackson
Allison Hossack Danielle Lapoint
Justin Louis Jack Beyer
Eric McCormack Blake Devaroe
Silvio Oliviero Rudy Fink
David Petersen (I) Hal O'Donnel
Nina Roman Governor Wright
Erick Schneider Jamison Beyer
Jane Sowerby Lee Ann Stygers
James Tolkan Dallas Cassel

Produced By:

Stephen J. Cannell Lee Goldberg Steven L. Mitchell
William Rabkin Craig W. Van Sickle

Original Music By:


SAGA (Theme) Larry H. Brown Gerald O'Brien

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