Out of Print /
01. Johnny B. Goode (Judas Priest)
02. Caviar (Myles Goodwyn/April Wine)
03. Ring Around Rosie (KIX)
04. If There's Any Justice (Fiona/Keith Olsen)
05. Been There, Done That (Jon Astley)
06. Perfect Stranger (SAGA) *
07. Skintight (Ted Nugent)
08. Rock Still Rolls Me (Frozen Ghost)
09. No Place Like Home (Bernie Shanahan)
10. It's Not the Way You Rock (Dirty Looks)
NOTES: The soundtrack is out of print, but can still be found on eBay.

It's recruiting time and despite being short and scrawny, Johnny Walker is America's hottest young football prospect. His dilema: should he take one of the many offers from college talent scouts or should he attend the local state college with his girlfriend and give up his football career?

This soundtrack is no longer available, the movie is available at, I don't recommend it!
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