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01. Miracle Man
02. Devil's Daughter (Holy War)
03. Crazy Babies
04. Breakin' All The Rules
05. Bloodbath In Paradise
06. Fire In The Sky
07. Tattooed Dancer
08. Demon Alcohol
09. Hero
NOTES: Michael provides backing vocals to various degrees on every track. Most don't know this cause his name doesn't actually appear in the liner notes for this album! Producer Keith Olsen brought Michael in at the last minute and then the album was completed.

Think the old bat's lost his bite? Guess again, pal. By adding a young, hungry new guitarist (new Madman-In-Arms Zakk Wylde), Ozzy's returned from a two-and-a-half year hiatus sounding more pumped than he has since his last record with you-know-who. The core band here is Wylde, drummer Randy Castillo and bassist Bob Daisley (although ex-Sabbath bassist Geezer Butler has reunited with Ozzy for the forthcoming tour), and they give the songs a fresh, rough edge. Ozzy is, well, Ozzy-how could he ever be anything else? This is his best album in years. Picks: "Miracle Man," "Bloodbath In Paradise," and especially "Devil's Daughter".
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