Your help is requested.

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Your help is requested.

Postby Michael Sadler » August 27th, 2011, 2:28 pm

Hello All! A note from Ric Levine, founder and creator of

"Lisa LaRue - one of our favorite artists - discovered the plight of a fan and his family. Wanting to help as much as possible, she and some very talented friends took a lot of time and energy to put together the Beautiful Life Charity EP.

Here's the situation: After facing over a year without an income, not being able to make house payments, facing foreclosure and living in a rural area away from social services and other support, this family was confronted with the terrible and frightening diagnosis of his wife's cancer. She is now undergoing chemotherapy after multiple surgeries. Her husband has become her primary caregiver, keeping him from being able to pursue employment.

[“These fans have supported us and helped to even back our recording project through our fund raising drive, and when we discovered the family’s dilemma, we wanted to find a way to support back,”] said LaRue.

The Beautiful Life Charity EP consists of 3 songs of varying feel and genre, from beautiful classical guitar, to a ballad, to jazz. In other words, it has something for everyone.

It's only $4.98 (or $1.98 per song) and all profits will go directly to the family.Whether you've bought from us or not, we ask that you open your hearts - and your wallets - and help this family through this incredibly tough time.

To be sure...this is a difficult time for EVERYONE. But, this family is going through something extraordinary...and heartbreaking.

So, if you can...PLEASE...let's all help them rebuild a BEAUTIFUL LIFE!!

From the bottom our hearts...WE THANK YOU!!!!
~Ric Levine"

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