Goodbye... - Full Circle in 2007..?

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Goodbye... - Full Circle in 2007..?

Postby Steffko » February 13th, 2007, 1:31 pm

Dear Michael !

Just read the news today...

Has been some time so far since we last "met" on the 25th of November in Essen, Germany, only a few kilometres away from my hometown Dortmund, another great Saga gig, enjoyed that evening with my girl-friend, knowing that you and the other guys are "always there"....every year one, sometimes two gigs with you since 1993 when I first realized that the band playing some of my favourite music is still alive....

Even Steve was there playing drums and he smiled hearing me shouting his name loudly several times that night...

I want to thank you with all my heart for donating me such a gift of years accompanied by your music, making me happy, making me sad, giving me strength through your voice and lyrics, you and the others having become a part of me and my life...friends, companions...

No words can express my feeling of deepest regret about your descision, wishing you all the best for the future, for yourself and your family.

In 1999 you performed "Goodbye" in Cologne, I was always eager to listen to that track live again, now, I think, this will be the last time that we meet again...unfortunately..! :o(

Now, it seems time to depart, good luck for all of you, hopefully I will have the chance to celebrate the 30 year party of Saga with you...

Yours truly,

"Alles wird gut !"
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