When Will Saga Come To Ft.Lauderdale? :[

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When Will Saga Come To Ft.Lauderdale? :[

Postby Scorpio_X » June 20th, 2007, 4:43 pm

I've Been A Big Fan Of Saga for many years now (since i was 4), thanks to my dad, and now that im 14 i've been wanting to see saga in concert just once, and haven't been able to, due to saga only touring in europe,
and ever since i heard that the great Michael Sadler was leaving saga, my hopes for saga coming to Ft.Lauderdale, Florida became very low, so if you read this Michael can you please in some sort of way see if you can come here to Ft.Lauderdale, and have atleast one tour date, even if it's in a small club

Thank You, Michael for all the great songs you've helped bring to my ears, and i respect your decision to leave saga

PS: i know that saga was in a club back in 1993-94 here in Ft.Lauderdale, because my dad told me about it, and said you guys rocked!
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