Best wishes and other wishes

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Best wishes and other wishes

Postby marathon » September 17th, 2007, 3:49 pm

Best wishes to Michael upon his (your) decision to retire, which I'm sure was more than carefully considered. I became a Saga fan too late to see the band perform in the States, but have enjoyed album after album. I did have high hopes for a Chicago date supporting Trust, which was an exceptional release - enjoyable on so many levels.

If there were to be a farewell trek through major American cities, I'd do my best to haul friends along and see more than one myself. Best wishes for the Canadian run.

Bon voyage,
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Shocking news!!

Postby ElHupeke » September 28th, 2007, 12:09 am

Dear Michael,

I was shocked to hear you leave the band, because I love your voice very very much and Saga allways had a special place in my heart. You are the voice of Saga and allways will be for me. I understand the things you wrote in you public letter and that is your decision which wouldn't be that simple for you to take. Still it is very bad news for the fans of Saga...
The first time I heard Saga was on the radio, where they promoted "Silent Knight" and we bought the first three albums at once. Since that time, I've never missed a live gig in Holland and meet you everytime last years in the Boerderij (Zoetermeer = Sweetlakecity in English :lol: ). In november we will meet for the last time and I'm looking forward to this show!!!

I want to wish you all the best and want to let you know I have allways enjoyed your voice of my nr.1 band Saga. I want to thank you for all these years I enjoyed Saga and to hear you special warm voice. I really hope you will find what you allways wanted en really enjoy your familly life.

Hopefully there will me more DVD stuff for the fans who cannot get enough of Saga with our Michael!!!!

CY in Novemer Michael :)

Kind regards,

Huub de Groot
The Netherlands
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