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! ! ! ALERT ! ! ! SAGA this message is cry out to you ! ! ! ! ! !

S A G A and the great MR. MICHAEL SADLER Please guys , Ive been a very very big fan of your music since the begining I really wish I could go into detail on how much your wonderful music helped me through some hard times while growing up into a man , I can tell you , that while growing up I had to move to PUERTO RICO , to help my mother , while there if not for local radio stations one in particular ALFA ROCK played SAGA ,let me tell you guys it was such a great escape for me to be able to sit in my room and put on some head phones and listen to your music , what a great joy and escape , the music of SAGA brought so much joy into my life , THANK YOU ! ,THANK YOU ! SOOOO MUCH ! ! ! , Today I am a 46 year old man , I have passed on the tradition of SAGA to my 15 yr. old son he is a very very big fan ! ! ! just like his Dad , S A G A , MY SON AND MYSELF ARE VERY SAD TO HEAR OF YOUR DEPARTING FROM SAGA MR. SADLER ..PLEASE LET US SEE YOU WITH SAGA , AT LEAST ONE LAST TIME ( MY SON HAS NEVER SEEN YOU BEFORE HE WAS TO YOUNG ) PLEASE SAGA ! ! !IF YOUR READING THIS COME TO *** FT. LAUDERDALE , FLORIDA *** IT WOULD BE SO MEANINGFUL FOR MY SON AND HIS DAD TO SEE AND HEAR YOU PLAY IN PERSON ..HOPE YOUR READING THIS MR. SADLER AND SAGA . WE WILL PRAY FOR THE BEST !!!!! HOPE TO SEE YOU , A BILLION THANK YOU'S FOR ALL THE YEARS OF SAGA ! :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy: :notworthy:
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