SAGA Concert in Mainz Nov 25th - impressions ...

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SAGA Concert in Mainz Nov 25th - impressions ...

Postby GermanGuy » November 28th, 2007, 8:35 pm

Hi ...
I have seen that show with two friends. One of them has sent me some written stuff earlier today, which I think is really remarkable. She liked being there a lot, but read it yourselves. Here's what she wrote.

As we arrived at the Phoenix Hall, hardly anybody was there yet. You could get food and beverages, which I consciously forwent, because I didn’t want to keep going to the bathroom.
Although not yet 7PM, we decided to go in and get ourselves some good seats. Right in front of the stage, there were already a bunch of people standing there, but as we had reserved perches, we chose to take middle seats on the upper tribune.
So, we were sitting there while low rock music by The Urges was playing, and I couldn’t take my eyes off the drum set, standing there so shiningly. I was captivated like a child. And that’s how I had been feeling all over the show.
The Urges played eight songs. Those guys really rocked. They did surprisingly well, intensively included the audience, and I loudly cheered for them and I clapped. I just was happy to get to experience such a great thing.
After The Urges were done, it became quiet, with low background music, and The Urges’ equipment was removed in a rush, by assiduous men (and one woman).
Then as fog was slowly emerging, I stared to the stage as if hypnotized, and my heart was in my mouth. Suddenly, lights were out and five figures could be seen coming onstage. The crowd was screaming, including me, having tears of joy and emotion in my eyes, for being able to see and experience that fabulous band.
And that was when they got started. That loud music, you could feel it in your veins. That light show. Fantastic.
Beaming with happiness, I cheered and clapped along with every song until my hands hurt. I was overwhelmed.
Song by song … Michael Sadler was quipping with the audience, you could see that even him was touched by the fans, the elation and the happiness. You could clearly read it in his gesture – his joy was real.
The keyboarder sang his solo, and finally, when also Michael had sung to keyboards only, we enjoyed his great voice, which got a bit lost among the music, during the rest of the show.
Then it was over – they left the stage. Everyone was cheering, shouting and piping, and stomping their feet on the tribune … Which proved to be a success – they came back.
Three more songs and they were gone again. Now many people, thinking it was over, trotted outside. To avoid the run on the doors, we waited and joined the shouting. There was such a riot in the hall that SAGA just couldn’t help coming back.
Just one, Michael said. And that is what they did, they played another one. Standing there like hypnotized, I wished that moment had never ended. I enjoyed the voice and was absorbed in the music.
But – also that last song ended some time.
And that is all. I am overwhelmed and grateful that I had the opportunity to experience that fantastic band, and that they were the ones who played the first live concert I have ever visited. Never will I forget the sound of this singer’s voice. The very moment when the music deafened my ears, I will keep in a memory forever.

Sorry for my bad English, but hers is even worse, so I translated this.

You guys made a very good person very happy. Thank you ...
btw, SAGA rocks! Never seen anything quite like it ...
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Postby Dickr » November 28th, 2007, 10:53 pm

It is really great to read a story like this!!!
Glad you had a great time. ;)
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