Any new music on the way? new band? solo?

Ask Michael about Clear or anything relevent.

Any new music on the way? new band? solo?

Postby fronteca » April 26th, 2008, 9:20 am

Again, i can see from browsing the site, that there are a lot of people like me in the south Florida area that would love to see you perform in this parts...

Being a Saga fan since the very first album....saw them only once in Puerto Rico in 1987 , for the 10th Anniversary of the only Rock Station...ALFA ROCK 106 fm....obviously you guys rock!!!

Became a Michael Sadler - solo artist - fan this week!!!!! when I finally bought the Clear Album....which has blown my mind!!!! every single song!!!!

As any good addiction...(if there are any)...cant wait for more music!!!!
Loved Saga in my youth, 1977-1987 living in Puerto Rico, since then i have been in the USA and recently discover them again and i am extremelly surprise and happy that there is so much great music to enjoy! Mr. Sadler, u rock! keep making music!!!
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