Hey Big Guy been a long long time.

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Hey Big Guy been a long long time.

Postby DCardwell » December 29th, 2009, 12:30 am

You probably won't remember me but Its Dave...your old neighbour.. I lived on Hillhurst.. I was playing an album and some friends were chatting and they said they loved this album and I said Ya its amazing I remember when Mike was in the choir and Mel Evans and the concerts you put on in Oakville and they loved the stories about the early years in Oakville. I do remember Mel was very proud of you.
It made me wonder how you were doing and what may be going on with you after all these years.. I was happy to here about your son and also that your singing still and doing so very well. You were always very talented and your music great. I'm going to find your new stuff and look forward to enjoying that.
I have a daughter who is all grown up now with a daughter of her own and I work in the film industry in BC. I have done nearly everything you can imagine from commercials to stunt work but have been concentrating on character work mostly.. I love it.. I retired from the corporate life about 10 years ago to persue my acting dream and enjoy my family and haven't looked back.. I have a beautifull partner and she also acts and we enjoy our time together.. Cheers Micheal... May life bring you happiness always..

Dave Cardwell

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