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London Meet & Greet

Postby Michael Sadler » November 30th, 2017, 6:35 am

Hello All,

So, although the final European tour is "unofficially" done (I say unofficially because I'm still "in transit" and for me it isn't over until I walk through the door at home) I wanted to let any and all of you who weren't aware that I will be "holding court" in London for an informal meet & greet for anyone who would like to drop by and say hello (or give me a piece of their mind ;) ) this Saturday, the 2nd of December. I have copied and pasted a message from Jon Dahms, who has been kind enough to organize this get-togeter, with all the relevant details below.

"Just a reminder for all those coming on Saturday 2nd December. The venue is the Skinners Arms in Judd Street which is the other side of Euston Road from Kings Cross station. The Underground and many bus routes serve this point well. We aim on arriving at about 3:30pm with an end time of around 7pm. As I have said before, we are not hiring a space we are simply 'going to the pub' with one of the best singers on the planet from one of the best bands of the last half century! I am sure some of you will want to get stuff signed etc. but can I suggest that you don't bring the entire back-catalogue :) (Do bring a pen though!) Michael is keen for this not to be a costly exercise hence the 'post-lunch' timing and the early finish so you can get home more easily. Looking forward to a good afternoon and to meeting fellow Saga fans! KEEP FACEBOOK MESSENGER LIVE ON THE DAY AS THIS IS OUR ONLY MUTUAL WAY OF COMMUNICATING!"

So there you have it. I'm very much looking forward to seeing those of you who will be able to attend.

All my very best, always...

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