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That's A Wrap!

Postby Michael Sadler » May 18th, 2015, 3:59 pm

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Hello Everyone,

Well, now that the dust has settled and I've had a chance to let the recent 4 weeks in Europe sink in, it's about time I got around to thanking all those responsible for making this past Euro leg of the Sagacity 2015 tour the tremendous success that it was.

From our family of fans, whose continued faith and love (yes, we feel it!), keep us forever grounded, to all the normally unsung heroes that play such an integral role in keeping "the machine" rolling. Each, and everyone of you, deserve to be named personally - if only we could. But make no mistake, we know that you've been there, and all that you do for me and this band - for that, we thank you!

Having said all that, there are individuals that can't escape mention for their direct involvement with, and support for the band.

My heartfelt thanks to:

Michael Durrschmidt and everyone at DMC, Max Vacarro, Isabelle Albrecht and everyone at Edel/EarMusic, our illustrious crew; Bernie Zylka, Mehmet Bulut, Chris Kostyra, Dean Meehan and Al Paquette (aside from Bernie it's alphabetical lads), Susi Muller and all who helped organize the fan meeting in Oldenburg, Steiner Guldberg and all who helped organize the Meet & Greet in Oslo.

It's unanimous on our end - the owners, promoters and venue crews on this tour have been more outstanding than usual! This was a really hot tour and we definitely felt everyone's support and enthusiasm. In fact, it made me quite proud to show my son "dad at work", just because everyone around us were so professional and pleasant ;)

Although 99% of the hotels on the tour were always excellent, a few deserve special mention for their attention to detail and the level of hospitality we received. Special thanks to Haaken Herbst, Irene Bakker and the staff of the Friends Hotel in Bensdorf, and the entire staff of the Merian Hotel in Oppenheim, for making me and my family, feel so welcome and “at home”.

In addition, we want to reiterate our appreciation to all the wonderful caterers and venue managers that provided our son with so many yummy & healthy treats - he is now ruined for life ;) A special wink and wag of the finger goes out to all you naughty uncles & aunts that were stuffing his pockets with sweets!

While you can't always control which support acts you will have for any given tour, this time out we had some very fine musicians share the stage with us. Very special thanks go to; Eyevory, Sonic Debris, Jono, The Evergreen Moodies, Interstellar Overdrive and The Staggs.
Thank you all for sharing your talents, energy and passion while helping to make each evening a night to remember!

Finally, I would like to mention that this latest adventure was further enhanced by the company of my wife and son. For the first time, I was allowed to not only have the pleasure and privilege of performing for all of you, but there was the added element of having my family with me & the chance for them to see what I do first hand, and experience life on the road. (Also, as 2 new members of “Road Warriors Anonymous” I have to say that they both passed with flying colours!) Gwen and Seren, thank you for your inspiration and helping to take the edge off the daily grind of touring.

The bottom line? Let's all do it all again as soon as possible...

Until then, quite simply......thank you!


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Re: That's A Wrap!

Postby Adrian Coleman » May 19th, 2015, 7:02 am

Very pleased to see that you are all home safe and well. :D
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Re: That's A Wrap!

Postby Bavaria » May 20th, 2015, 1:57 pm

It was my pleasure ! :wave3:
Bavaria...not North-Germany.
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