Catastrophe in the Philippines!

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Catastrophe in the Philippines!

Postby Michael Sadler » November 12th, 2013, 10:19 pm

Ladies and gentlemen,

Normally I wouldn’t use this forum as a platform for anything not music-related, but in light of the recent catastrophe in the Philippines I felt it necessary to step up and see if I could engage your support for the victims of this crisis.

Granted, I have family in the country, but the scope of this disaster reaches far past the Philippine borders. This is now an international humanitarian crisis! If you're watching the news, you probably know how overwhelmed they are. There is a serious need for, at the very least, clean drinking water because without that, people will start dying. That’s not being melodramatic…that’s a fact! Food of course is also essential, etc., etc. and the list goes on. It is truly a heartbreaking situation and I hope others will help in getting the word out.

So what I’m asking is if anyone would like to join my family in helping in some way, and if so, here's a link to organizations that are accepting donations. Please give if you can, every little bit helps. ... index.html"

Thank you
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Michael Sadler
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Re: Catastrophe in the Philippines!

Postby Adrian Coleman » November 13th, 2013, 4:06 am

Hello Michael.
Obviously all the people out in the Philippines are effected by this terrible situation. We hope and prey that all family and friends are safe and sound.
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