"At least they spelled the name right!"

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"At least they spelled the name right!"

Postby Michael Sadler » July 31st, 2014, 2:14 am

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone, for helping to make the new album one of the most discussed of our entire catalogue, as well as share some thoughts regarding the various reactions to SAGACITY. There is always that anxious period of time between the moment the masters of any new project are delivered and the first comments from critics/fans/friends/family surface upon hearing the new material for the first time.

I can't honestly remember a new Saga album having the kind of polarizing effect on the audience as a whole, as this one seems to be having. It's been quite remarkable thus far, the extreme divide between the two camps, people who either love the album or those who think it's a pile of parrott droppings-with very little middle ground. But you know what? The bottom line is that it has people talking about it, and I'm delighted by that. I'd much rather be in this position than have the public as a whole, saying something like...”hey, did you know that Saga have a new album out?”... and the response being...”oh really? that's nice.”, or better yet...”are those guys still together?”

Here's the thing, however people may feel about the album, it certainly seems like we've created something that has everyone talking about it. The way I see it, good critiques or bad, at least most of you have taken the time to listen and form an individual opinion, and for the most part, be willing to share that opinion; as an artist I couldn't ask for more than that.

As they say...”as long as they spell the name right”! ;)

Thank you all so much for being there all these years and believe me...

there's much more where SAGACITY came from....


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Michael Sadler
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Re: "At least they spelled the name right!"

Postby JoWi » July 31st, 2014, 8:22 am

Hi Michael, thanks to you and your guys of SAGA. SAGACITY it´s a great new album which will play every day. In between, hear your music on your canadian SAGAradiostation. Allways a pleasure. Hope to see you again this year in Germany, can´t wait. Sorry, but had only time for one show since the last tour. But next will see much more fo you and visit some concerts in Germany. Saga it´s my life. All the best to you in every time.
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Re: "At least they spelled the name right!"

Postby Bavaria » August 19th, 2014, 4:01 pm

... as I started my "career" as a fan from SAGA, it. was not possible to talk to other fans or to the band about their music...my Generation bought the lp...and than we went to the concert in town ... 2 hours fun and than...wait a few years... :-) ... at that time we could not know what other fans or the press said about a new lp or the Shows in other cities or countries... I would like to know, who or what gives the Inspiration for the lyrics ? ... the music ? pah...it's not important... I love this music...(only sometimes not) ...my personell setlist has so many songs, that SAGA could play nonstop 2 days...Maybe we could see you guys this year in Germany again...to hear some new songs live ...a dream ... ;)

Bavaria...not North-Germany.
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